This coverage is just too expensive!

Disability insurance cost is usually between 1-3% of your gross income. The policy will pay you a benefit of up to approximately 60% of your gross, and this income is tax-free (if it is not taking a deduction on the premium payments), which should get you back close to your post-tax take-home income. It is expensive, but when I say this I mean it is too expensive not to have! I have doctors going on claim every week because of disabilities, and I have written thousands of policies for dentists. If a doctor tells me it is too expensive, then I fault myself, because I have probably not thoroughly explained the policy and the benefits of a true own occupation policy!
After working exclusively with dentists on their insurance for decades, I can tell you that disability is one of the products they often choose not to purchase. Most doctors see the price and immediately shut down at the thought of paying into this policy throughout their dental careers.
You will never be as young and as healthy as you are this very moment. Ensure your insurability, as once you NEED the insurance they are no longer going to let you have it. My phone rings daily with doctors who need this coverage but unfortunately can no longer have it. If you would like a free, no-obligation quote, please click the link or email us at

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